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Sprachwoche in England












On Wednesday we went by plane to England. On the first day we saw the town, the school and the sea in Eastbourne.

In the evening we first met our family. They picked us up and took us to their houses. On the next day in the morning the families showed us the way to school. In school we played games and we talked about the weather, food and hobbies. On Thursday we went to the Smugglers Adventure St. Clements Caves in Hastings. On Friday we went bowling in Hampton Park. It was a funny afternoon. After that we played Laser Quest. On Saturday we went to London where we visited Madame Tussaud’s. There you can see famous people. On the second day in London we were on the London Eye. It is a giant wheel on the south bank of the river Thames. The London Eye is not far from the Houses of Parliament. The 25 minute ride gives a great view over London. Mrs. Lackner, Lukas, Christian, Sebastian and Leon went in the London Dungeon. This underground museum is all about prisons, torture and death during the history of London. The rest of us walked to the Houses of Parliament/ Big Ben. In London we visited the Oxford Street, which is a famous Street in London and the shops are really great. We all liked our stay in London, because it was so amazing to see all these wonderful places.

Doris Maier

Sprachwoche in England